LensID for F-Mount CPU lenses

Every CPU Nikkor has an unique LensID that is stored inside the lens CPU memory and transmitted to the camera.
This ID is used by newer Nikon camera (D300(s), D3(s,x), D700) to recognize a lens for AF adjustment parameters. Many older 3rd party lenses use one ID for more than one lens, this ID may even be shared with a Nikkor lens, thus an exact identification of 3rd party lenses with only the LensID byte is not possible.
I've collected a list of Nikkor LensID's here: Nikkor LensID.
May be useful if only Nikkor lenses are used. Besides from EXIF, the LensID can be accessed directly via the Nikon SDK and tools for N90s or similar.
My idea was to use also more than just the LensID and I added some fixed data relating to focal length and aperture info. The result is the Extended LensID, with only a few double ID's.
For lots of Nikkor lens information have a look at Rolands Nikon Pages:

EXIF tools using Extended LensID

ExifTool by Phil Harvey http://owl.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/ ExifTool by Phil Harvey
ExifTool by Phil Harvey http://www.photome.de/home_en.html/ PhotoME Digital Photo Metadata Editor
Exiv2 Image metadata library and tools http://www.exiv2.org/ Image metadata library and tools
WPMeta - Bildinformationen schnell und sicher verarbeiten http://www.pilwousek.de/WPSoft/WPMeta/index.html WPMeta - Bildinformationen schnell und sicher verarbeiten

Many thanks for providing lens data (EXIF)

Carl Zeiss AG (ZF.2 lenses)

Hiroshi Kamisaka (Japanese)

If you have sent me images with lens data in past, please send me an email if you want a name or link here.

Also thanks to people for uploading images with complete (including makernote data) EXIF information.

Please send any pictures taken with missing lenses or general comments to lens_id t rottmerhusen.com
If you have programmed an EXIF reader and want to include this list or the extended list contact me.

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